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ESL Studies is an international education and training business unit of ESL Solutions. Founded in 2003, ESL has been focusing on children's English education and training for 16 years since its establishment, and has rich experience in children's English teaching, learning and assessment. With the development of China's economy, international education has become more and more popular amongst Chinese parents and students. To meet the demand of this market, ESL has introduced award-winning English, Science, Maths and other key subject courses in England since 2012, enabling Chinese students to get access to quality international education without going abroad.
  1.  Non-Native English-Speaking Students Aged 5-15. For these students, we offer them mini-international programmes, including some British international primary school programmes and the British and American high school preparatory programmes. Our entry requirements are as follows: - Love learning English, be ready to face difficulties and take on challenges in learning, and eager to learn more about the world. - Good English scores in school (Above average). - Willing to get instructions in English.
  2. College Students and Working Adults. For these types of students, we provide them with courses, like Basic English, Conversational English and Business English. Anyone who is willing to follow our School Code of Conduct can enroll in any of our courses.
Yes. Courses ESL Studies offers now encompasses English, Science, Mathematics, History, Geography, Drama, Computer Science, and so on. These courses are all taught in English by professional foreign teachers.
  1. Our curriculum designing, subject contents and teaching objectives for all our international courses follow the standards of National Curriculum of England.
  2.  All our course books are in English and are imported from England, and all our courses are taught in English by our qualified foreign teachers.
  3.  The teaching of our English programmes adopts the combination of “1st and 2nd Language Learning Methodologies” and takes into account the learning style and characteristics, as well as the level of English proficiency of our Chinese students.
  4.  Our Overseas High School programmes segue seamlessly into good independent/private British and American high schools.
Search WeChat ID: ESL898989 or "圆至圆外教云课堂", follow us. Then reply "试听", fill in the registration form to make an appointment, after which, a course consultant of ESL Studies will contact you for more details.
We will place students into different classes according to their current school grades and academic achievement, English subject scores in particular, and our own in-house entrance test results.
Our teachers are all native speakers with a minimum of 2 years teaching experience with a TESOL/TEFL certificate.
We do not recommend that students choose their teachers freely, but we will match students with the most suitable teachers according to their grades and learning styles and characteristics.
Yes, you can request a new teacher by submitting a written application clearly justifying your reasons. We will do our best to accommodate your request.
  • If your teacher is absent: we can provide you with a temporary replacement or reschedule the lesson.
  • If you are absent: we will do our best to reschedule your lesson.
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Additional FAQ

In order to ensure the learning outcomes of each and every student, the class hours are arranged according to different course levels, ranging from 20 to 40 minutes. Please consult the course consultant for specific arrangements.
Yes, there are. Our courses are mainly online teaching, supplemented by optional offline activities and summer and winter camp activities. Offline activities are held on a regular basis and each issue has a specific theme. The purpose is to allow students to have close contact with our foreign teachers and apply what they have learnt online to their lives.
Yes, we can. Actually the majority of our online lessons are one to one and one to two, we have group lessons (ideally in the same classroom) though.
Our students are welcome to come to our facilities for private lessons; however, due to timetable constraints our teachers are unable to travel to the students’ home.
The price of a lesson depends on a few factors. Please contact us ( to discuss your specific requirements.
Yes, enrolled students will also need to purchase our course packs which include all the components and relevant materials for the lessons enrolled. Upon parent/student's request, they could be shipped via courier to the student’s address. Note: shipping costs are not included in our standard package.
No, you cannot. The minimum enrollment period is one term, 18 weeks of lessons at this moment.
You can pay by WeChat, Alipay, bank debit card and credit card.
Normally, students who drop out of school due to their own reasons will not be refunded after two weeks. If students are unable to attend classes for a short period of time under special circumstances, they can apply for an extension of classes. In general, an extension of three months is allowed.


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